Shiraz Nursery Plants
Shiraz Nursery Plants
Shiraz Clone 5 Nursery Plants
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Registration Status Registered
Source Victorian Plant Research Institute, Burnley, Victoria, Australia
Treatments Heat treatment 62-5 days
Comments In 1970, Shiraz clonal material was imported to Foundation Plant Services from the Victorian Plant Research Institute in Burnley, Victoria, Australia (USDA Plant Introduction number 364287). The source of that Shiraz material was given as 'Bests R3 v 34 19/8'. According to Richard Hamilton at Southcorp, Australia, that information probably means that the source was Best's vineyard at Great Western, near Ararat in Victoria. FPMS Grape Program Newsletter, October, 2001, page 13 (, in the Publications section under Grapes). At FPS, Dr. Austin Goheen created seven selections from the single importation of Shiraz, using heat treatments that ranged from 62 to 125 days in duration. Those seven selections ultimately received the selection names Shiraz FPS 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 and 07 when they were planted in the foundation vineyard after successful completion of index testing. 

In the October, 1999, FPS Grape Program Newsletter, Dr. Carole Meredith reported that she compared all seven FPS Shiraz selections, as well as selections called Syrah-01 and Sirah-01, to four Syrah accessions from the French national variety collection in Montpellier. All the FPS vines had exactly the same DNA profile as the French Syrah.

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