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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards & Winery
Ranch and Equinox and Equinox Legacy Clubs Terms of Use

Wine Club Membership Terms & Conditions

I certify that I am 21 years of age or older. 
I understand that member benefits begin with the purchase of the current wine collection shipment.
I understand it is my responsibility to notify 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards and Winery of any address, phone, email, or credit card changes.
I understand if I select “pick up” and do not pick up my collection within 60 days after it is released, and other arrangements are not made the collection is returned to inventory and the specific collection of wines is not guaranteed.
I understand that if I do not pick up two collections of wine, and do not make alternative arrangements, my membership will canceled.
I authorize 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards to charge my credit card on file in accordance with the Wine Club(s) I have selected, including state taxes and/or shipping charges that may apply.
I understand that I am signing up for an ongoing membership andmy commitment is to purchase at least 2 or 4 collections or otherwise incur a $200 early cancellation fee.
I understand that I must cancel any club membership at least 2 weeks prior to any release.
I understand that while 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards wine clubs are user choice, I must make my choices prior to each stated release date.
I understand wine is an inventoried and taxed product, exchanges after a wine has been paid for are not allowed unless wine or packaging is flawed, proof of flaw is required.