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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

2019 VINEYARD TOUR Pricing:  - temporary suspension while figure out how to do this.  5/12/20

$35 per person (4 - 10 persons please) for a 90-minute wine experience led by owner/vintner, Martha Cunningham. The experience includes a vineyard and ranch walking tour + our EQUINOX flight of Single Vineyard wines + our Vintners Plate, a tasting plate designed with experimentation in mind. 
Offered 11:00am-12:30pm Wednesday - Sunday  [Weather permiting]  

Please Inquire about touring reservations

^Waved Vineyard Tour Fees:

ONE vineyard tour fee is waived per every 6 bottles purchased or RANCH Wine Club sign-up
TWO vineyard tour fees are waived per every 12 bottles purchased or EQUINOX Wine Club sign-up

LARGE PARTY TASTINGS (More Than 10 People)

Please inquire for special accommodation.