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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

Custom Wine Making Services


Eagle Wine Company offers complete, inclusive winemaking production services to clients ranging from small boutique wineries to medium-sized brands. Every wine is crafted to the exact specifications and style of the client’s brand. Full-service winemaking includes everything from receiving fruit from the vineyard through bottling the finished wines. Various custom services are available individually as well through our a la carte service menu.

Our facility includes temperature controlled 6,000 square foot production building and barrel rooms, a variety of fermentation and storage tanks, wine lab, with pumps, hoses, and fittings to make it all work. Our crush pad includes our Bucher Delta E2 destemmer with optional crush rollers and a Bucher-Vaslin X-Plus 40 tank press. 

We offer customizable packages for a range of options including:

Full Service red and white wine processing from grape to bottle
Grape destemming, crushing, pressing and fermentation
Full Barrel storage with monthly analysis and topping
Empty Barrel storage including maintenance
Comprehensive Laboratory services including wine quality control, routine monitoring and packaging quality assurance
Complete bottling service
VintraceTM Database wine tracking with client remote access
Winemaking Consulting