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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

Dark Desert Highway 04Sep22

Date: Sun, Sep 4, 2022
Time 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Venue: The Great Lawn and Sunnyside Terrace
Contact: Travis Everhart
Phone: 208-863-6561

Tickets on Sale July 15, 2022

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards is proud to present the Dark Desert Highway Band.


Dark Desert Highway (fka The Steagles) was formed as brothers Steve and Kevin Celi enlisted several music friends and son/nephew Stevie to be part of a band to celebrate Steve's 50th. The goal was to put on a performance to pay homage to their all time favorite group as well as to finally have a forum to showcase their singing abilities and pinpoint harmonies. At the urging of drummer Don Sullivan it was decided that the group should stay together for future gigs ...and after many band name iterations it was finally decided that it should be the opening lyrics to perhaps the Eagle’s most important song ..thus paving The Dark Desert Highway!