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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

Original Wine Label

The painting commissioned by the Cunninghams of three horses, by Idaho artist Polly Barrett, pays homage to the cave paintings of Lascaux on the northern slopes of the French Pyrenees. The center horse is an Appaloosa, Idaho’s state horse. The horses are surrounded by prehistoric Idaho petroglyphs, bringing the tradition of French culture together with Idaho’s historic past. The blending of French Vitis Vinifera varietals with the Idaho terroir found in our wine is a reflection on our label.

Polly Barret is an avid horsewoman comfortable working with the cowboys and horse trainers who pose for her work. She captures her surroundings with bold colorful watercolors.

Polly teaches art classes in her studio and shows her work in numerous galleries and at juried art shows throughout the Northwest. She was featured in Southwest Art magazine’s “Artists to Watch” section. Her work is held by collectors all over the world.