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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

Greg Koenig

“It’s a different beast out at 3 Horse Ranch. It’s so different viticulturally than what you read from publications, which all are from California, Washington and Oregon. The fruit is definitely distinctive, and you can tell that when you are tasting from the barrels. A couple of the nicest Cabs I've made are from 3 Horse Ranch. They are super-low yield and the berries are tiny. The Cabernet and Syrah have real potential.” - Greg Koenig, Consulting Winemaker

The best fruit deserves the passion, knowledge and touch of a great winemaker. A lifelong study of the art, including a three-year stint in his father’s hometown of Lustenau, Austria, and a year in Italy has uniquely prepared winemaker Greg Koenig for the task.

Meticulous winemaking and a dedication to single-vineyard wines enables Greg to craft small quantities of excellent Syrah, Malbec, dry French-style Rosé, Chardonnay, Viognier and many others.

Greg’s commitment to handcrafted wines is the perfect partnership to our hand pruning, training and harvesting. He has earned a reputation for elegant and balanced wines, deeply rooted in winemaking tradition and his respect for the land and the fruit it bears.

Brandon St-Martin
January 30, 2017 | Brandon St-Martin

Greg Koenig: The Wine Wizard of Sunnyslope

Greg Koenig has been one of the the most steady and innovative vintners in the region. If you’re drinking Idaho wine from the area, there’s a pretty good chance it was made by Koenig. He handles winemaking for Koenig Vineyards, plus Williamson Vineyards, Bitner Vineyards and 3 Horse Ranch up in Eagle. Including his 4,500 cases, he’s responsible for making about 60 different wines that add up to around 20,000 cases.  Continue »

Brandon St-Martin
January 25, 2017 | Brandon St-Martin

Winemaker Greg Koenig And 3 Horse Ranch Wines

Greg Koenig, who owns and operates Koenig Vineyards in Idaho’s Sunnyslope Wine District, also heads up the winemaking program for 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards...  Continue »