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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

Corey Sprott
December 21, 2022 | Corey Sprott

What is Barrel Tasting (Part 2)

Here at 3 Horse Ranch, we ferment and age our Chardonnay in barrels. The fermentation

characteristics, aromas and flavors differ in a barrel fermented vs a tank fermented wine.
Keeping the wine on the “lees” for many months adds a further softening and a bit of a yeasty
character to our Chardonnay. In addition, we put our Chardonnay through a secondary
fermentation called malo-lactic fermentation. This bacterial process softens the acidity of the
wine and adds secondary flavors including tropical notes and butteriness. The question always
comes up: how do we keep our Chardonnay from becoming a “Butter Bomb”? Like many chefs,
that is a secret that Corey intends to keep to himself. In our barrel tasting, you will be able to
taste this wine mid-way through its barrel life while comparing different types of oak.

Next week we’ll talk about barrel tasting red wines!!

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