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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

Corey Sprott
December 16, 2022 | Corey Sprott

What is a Barrel Tasting? (Part 1)

The countdown is on to our annual Barrel Tasting this  New Year’s weekend.  There is a lot of excitement that comes along with this event but you may not know what is involved with a barrel tasting, and that is perfectly ok! We are here to share some tips and information with you to make your experience even more amazing! 

So exactly what is a barrel tasting? It is an opportunity for you to meet our winemaker and taste a few wines he has created - directly from the barrel.  Corey Sprott  will be here to guide your through this enological journey.  

In short, Barrel aging adds and changes aromas and flavors in both white and red wines through “micro-oxidation”, complexing wine tannins with oak tannins and of course the flavors and aromas of the oak itself. In our barrel tasting you will be presented with different wines, different clones of the same variety and sometimes the same wines aging with different kinds of oak. The differences, which can range from subtle to dramatic, will be apparent. 

Stay tuned for more about barrel tasting to come next week!!    

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