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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

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Kristen Neff
November 19, 2020 | Kristen Neff

Wine for The Holidays

I think it’s safe to safe we need good wine now more than ever! With the holidays quickly approaching we are being forced to re-imagine how our holidays will look this year and it’s a concept that will be different in every family. The one thing that remains the same is the desire for good wine and good food!  Continue »

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Martha Cunningham
February 3, 2020 | Martha Cunningham

Mediterranean - wish i was there - party tray

We're starting to think outside the box with this beautiful Med. style party tray  Continue »

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Martha Cunningham
December 22, 2019 | Martha Cunningham

January Lunch Menu features Short Ribs and Polenta

We made Short Ribs braised in Bourbon, Molasses and Chillies last night  Continue »

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Martha Cunningham
December 3, 2019 | Martha Cunningham

For those who like to snuggle.

The perfect gift for those who like to snuggle,  Continue »

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Martha Cunningham
November 23, 2019 | Martha Cunningham

Spice up your Thanksgiving Weekend

We're serving Tapas in the Tasting Room Over The Thanksgiving Weekend.  Continue »

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Martha Cunningham
November 20, 2019 | Martha Cunningham

Lunch with Corey Sprott

Corey having fun pouring wine for everyone at lunch!  Continue »

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Martha Cunningham
November 7, 2019 | Martha Cunningham

Wine Dinner Douro River Style

We had a great Portuguese style meal at Grit Cuisine. Did I mention they made everything in house?  Continue »

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Gary Cunningham
July 2, 2018 | Gary Cunningham

Pop Up Tasting Room

Join me at Shoehound for a wine tasting of 3 different Eagle Foothills Vineyards.  Continue »

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Martha Cunningham
April 13, 2018 | Martha Cunningham

A Case for Malbec

A Magnum of Malbec stands tall on any table...  Continue »

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